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ONE OF A KIND                    |


|                  UNIQUE JEWELRY

KOLIRIO is bringing back the handcrafted nature of jewelry. Committed to using premium quality and natural materials, and creating unique pieces.

We believe in small batches of exclusive designs that are handmade to guarantee that what you get is just like you: unique and one of a kind.







COLLYRIUM: an antique term for a lotion or liquid wash used as a cleanser for the eyes”

In the same way, KOLIRIO is a refreshner for your eyes… and for all those who see you!

KOLIRIO is handmade jewelry done right. Not only are we dedicated to creating artistic and unique jewelry that compliments the women’s femininity, but we also believe in the importance of the casual elegant, joyful and inspiring woman. In inspiring to believe and be a woman that reflects the goodness of God.

Our materials are selected with care. We use an array of natural stones and semi precious gems, freshwater pearls, vintage glass, resins, leather, gold-filled, sterling silver and special alloy metals. All of these elements may vary in color, cut and shape, as our products are handcrafted and made with natural materials.

Spectacular Gift Boxes are available for every product we make!

GIVING is better than receiving”

Give with joy the gift of KOLIRIO